Annie Harvey is a lifelong learner and traveller by nature, she is passionate about living a life on purpose and helping others to do the same. With a successful corporate and education background across teaching, lecturing, speaking, coaching, publicity and sales and marketing, Annie combines adaptive learning styles and strong communication skills, and is comfortable working in one-to-one and group environments.

Where does the name Magpie Coaching come from? Eurasian magpies are unique amongst birds, and indeed all animals, for their self-awareness. Could there be a more apt metaphor for coaching than winged creatures, with all the world to explore, taking the time to pause and reflect?

Annie has worked with men and women, at all ages, across many business sectors, on both personal and life goals. She enjoys the challenge of helping clients to identify their core values, link them to long term personal and work goals, create short, medium and long term actions, and then work alongside them to create ‘real’ success, the kind of success that energises and makes people jump out of bed to embrace the day!

But Magpie Coaching is about more than one-to-one coaching. It is a total learning environment, that embraces different methodologies, including mindfulness and laughter yoga. Annie works with individuals and groups, teaching, presenting and facilitating, all with the aim of clearing away the distractions, the ‘noise’ that can so easily obscure purpose. This is true in business and personal lives, especially in todays complicated world of ‘stuff’ and digital overload.

If you want, need, the clear thinking and direction that brings success, get in touch with Annie