Magpie Coaching is about purpose and emotional wellbeing and I use three powerful methods:


I work at the individual level, group/team level and the organisation level to help people maximise their wellbeing and resilience and to work with purpose towards their goals. This clear thinking and direction energises and empowers; it also supports sustainability in all sorts of environments; from Education to Health & Social Work, from Public to the Corporate sector.

I offer speaking, workshop facilitation, training and coaching – whatever approach or blend works for the specific need. See the variety in the Services section and take a look at my recent TedX Adelaide talk.

Contact 0410 322341 to explore how I could help you to be well, to be successful and to enjoy life.


Annie Harvey is a lifelong learner and traveller by nature, she is passionate about living a life on purpose and helping others to do the same. With a successful corporate and education background across teaching, lecturing, speaking, coaching, publicity and sales and marketing, Annie combines adaptive learning styles and strong communication skills, and is comfortable working in one-to-one and group environments.

Where does the name Magpie Coaching come from? Eurasian magpies are unique amongst birds, and indeed all animals, for their self-awareness. Could there be a more apt metaphor for coaching than winged creatures, with all the world to explore, taking the time to pause and reflect?