In no particular order, I’m starting to post links to A Few of My Favourite Things. Watch this space as I populate it with over 200 books that helped me on my self-development journey. Some are for small business but mainly about self-development. Cannot recommend them highlly enough! I will also be referring to some of them in my book which I’m currently editing. I start with books on Mindfulness then lead into how I learned to swim (yes with a book!) and then all the self-development books I’ve devoured….

This is the book that taught me to swim, yes no private instructor, just this book! and youtube video below this link.

Video that taught me to breathe underwater

well worth a read, download the app or listen to his podcasts

used this with so many of my coaching clients – it can really make a difference!

Two books that helped me find my element in life

One of my younger coachees found this book invaluable and changed her career within 3 months of reading..

saw this guy speak in Melbourne then bought his book. So useful, especially if you work together as a couple!

at the same conference in Melbourne, I also saw Russ speak. Inspirational. and after reading this book I took my course to be an ACT practitioner.

I eat the frog pretty much every day since reading this…

can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this in last few years!

completelly changed my relationship with money since reading this at end of last year..

and this one too!

i was recommended this book by my friend Trish.