The core of the business, and Annie’s passion, is coaching; helping others to achieve success in life and work.

Magpie Coaching uses a framework approach to coaching. The framework comprises a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, each focussing on a different aspect of the process. Following each session, the client will have a clear set of outcomes and actions, which over time build towards the achievement of agreed goals, which may be personal or work related. Typically sessions are fortnightly although they can be monthly. Sessions may be in person or via Skype. Throughout the process the client is guided and supported by Annie. Each client journey is unique and personal; this is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

For specific coaching programs, see CompassionU and CompACT

Motivational Speaking 

The Magpies have spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and Australia, at charity events, education conferences and corporate gatherings. They cover a range of topics from living on purpose to time management, from education to communication. Annie also presents workshops and an online program on Teacher Wellbeing.

What Annie’s audience says:  “It takes a huge and fierce heart, a genuine care about making a difference, and an inner boldness to put yourself out there and make the difference Annie Harvey was born to make. Her no-nonsense style, mixed with a delightful sense of humour and fun, and her broad and deep expertise make being in one of Annie’s audiences a rare treat.

 You’ll walk away feeling inspired, and armed with a practical tool kit you can use to live your life with less stress, more joy, and a type of self-compassion you probably never knew you could have. When Annie’s coming your way, make sure you claim a seat in her audience.  You’ll be so glad you did!” (Tricia Karp)

Laughter Yoga 14232500_1274844542535169_3417353803153474756_n     

The ‘weird’ one in the mix, Laughter Yoga, is not yoga but it is definitely a stress release and a lot of fun! Started in India more than 20yrs ago, LY has become a worldwide phenomena and is used in hospitals, aged care and schools, as well as widely in the corporate world. We can offer workshops between 30-60mins and for groups of all sizes and ages.

Life is not a laughing matter!

Seriously, doctors, research scientists and thousands upon thousands of laughter clubs around Australia and around the world are testament to the incredible benefits of regular and sustained laughter.

Laughter is proven to:

  • Improve your mood instantly
  • Release endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers
  • Introduce a state of mindfulness
  • Leave you in a positive mental state that can last for days

The laughter movement was founded in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a doctor in India.

Our laughter sessions are inclusive and non-judgemental. Young, old and all in between. All levels of physical fitness and mobility. All are welcome and will be welcomed. LY has been successfully used in hospitals, including with terminally ill patients, retirement homes, schools, universities and, increasingly, in the corporate world, all with outstanding results. A clinical study into the effects of LY on kidney dialysis patients noted improvements in memory, pain suppression, resilience and mood.

Interesting fact: it is impossible to have a negative thought when you are laughing. Try it yourself. Or, better yet, try it with us.

We have done laughter yoga with small women’s group, Kiwanis, wellbeing days and a group of 130 cancer patients and their carers. Call us for more details – you know you want to!

Live in the Now Foundation, Glenelg Football Club, April 2016

Physio Pilates Wellbeing Day, National Wine Centre, September 2016