I recently spoke on the famous red dot at TEDx Adelaide 2017.  “Annie delivers a light-hearted talk that empowers people to cut through noise, creating conditions to promote wellbeing and leaving them with a practical toolkit to reduce stress.”

Quote from someone in my recent TedX audience: “Amazing insights in the shortest time ever (or should I say an amazing revelation). Enjoyed every second. Regards…Vik” (Vikas Koul, Westpac Group)

I’m available for 20-60 minute keynotes across Australia. Please contact me on 0410 322341


As a coach, my role is all about bringing out the best in you and inspiring you to act on your potential.

Positive psychology coaching uses the science of well-being and research-based assessments and interventions to bring about greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Though coaching generally steers away from giving advice, it does make use of exercises to help you grow and provides a framework to guide you. When combining the strength of intuition and built-in accountability of life coaching and the research backed solutions of positive psychology, you can achieve powerful growth.

One very powerful tenet of life coaching is that awareness breeds useful change. By raising your own awareness of your unconscious habits and patterns and learning to see your life from a more objective perspective, you can then choose how you wish to live your life.  However, people often hit a roadblock as they may not often like what they learn about themselves and will get in the way of their own awareness. This is where I like to introduce a bit of positive psychology and proven exercises.

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I facilitate workshops to help with stress management and to keep burnout at bay. I also present to caregiver groups on compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Trained formally in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), I believe that mindfulness has changed my life and I’m passionate about teaching others these skills. This is an opportunity for people to experience moments of calm, joy and connection and find their passion again both at home and in the workplace.

I’m currently busy running staff workshops on burnout and Compassion Fatigue. This is a core area of staff wellbeing withing the ‘caring professions’. I work with teachers, social workers and aged care workers to start the ball rolling on interventions and prevention strategies to ensure staff wellbeing is looked after as a core value of the business.

As a wellbeing consultant, I have one key word at the heart of all my programs: Compassion. I use a range of tools and strategies including PERMA (positive psychology model), mindfulness and laughter therapy. Despite the serious subject of stress and burnout, my workshops and talks are engaging, authentic, hands-on and tailored to clients’ needs. I guess you could say I humanise the topic of stress.

Please email me for more details or to set up a call or meeting to discuss your staff wellbeing neeeds.

From 1hour to half day and full day workshops.

Previous Workshops:

  • Cancer Council SA
  • Kiwanis Club in Glenelg
  • Women’s health retreats
  • Kilparrin School, Adelaide
  • St Patrick’s Special School, Adelaide
  • Happiness Conference, Glenelg for women with cancer and their carers
  • TedX Adelaide volunteers
  • Catholic Education Office
  • Centacare SA
  • Marymount College
  • Indigenous Land Corporation
  • SA Power Networks
  • Women’s & Children’s Hospital