Accept thoughts + feelings and be present

Choose a valued direction

Take action


One on one coaching will enable you to get perspective, set and achieve the right goals and be able to cope in the future as you will learn the tools and techniques to be able to ACT!


How much time do you waste each day battling painful thoughts and feelings?
Do you get caught up in your thoughts and struggle to get rid of them?
What if you could learn to step back or detach from unhelpful thoughts, worries and memories?
Imagine being able to let them come and go….step back and watch your thinking, so you can respond effectively – instead of getting tangled up or lost inside your thinking.
How would your life change if you could stop believing negative thoughts?
Instead of responding to painful thoughts, feelings and sensations in self-defeating ways, invest your energy in taking action to change your life for the better – guided by your deepest values….with ACT.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a powerful mindfulness-based therapy (and coaching model) which currently leads the field in terms of research, application and results.  ACT gives you a vast range of tools to learn mindfulness skills – many of which require only a few minutes to master.

Wondering what your life is all about?

Struggling to make changes in your life?

Experiencing unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving?

Need some help to achieve those goals?

Through the guidance of coaching, you can learn the tools and techniques to live a rich and meaningful life in which you are fully present and engaged and guided by your deepest values.

As a wellbeing coach, mindfulness trainer and ACT Practioner, I can help move you from automatic pilot to a more fulfilling life. Through the process of mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, you will come to understand what stops you achieving what you want. You’ll learn how to move through the roadblocks that we are all confronted with. Unhelpful thoughts and feelings inevitably try to pull us off course in life. You will learn how to handle these effectively to stay on course.

The Program can help you

• Make breakthroughs where you usually get stuck.
• Get insight into the habitual patterns of your reactive mind.
• Overcome obstacles to change in your life.
• Respond to stress with more insight and self-compassion.
• Enhance your health and well-being.
• Improve your interpersonal relationships.
• Help you create mindful goals that align with your values and strengths.

• Experience less stress & struggle
• Have greater acceptance, contentment & peace of mind
• Improve physical health & mental wellbeing
• Change self-defeating habits
• Increase work satisfaction & performance
• Increase life satisfaction, meaning & vitality
• More effectively pursue goals & dreams

This program is a process and together, we’ll overcome whatever challenge you’re facing and ensure you reach your goals.The emphasis is less on what you’re thinking, and more on how you’re thinking.

When you’re considering this program, you need to be aware that this will be about self-reflection. That’s right, looking inside yourself, observing your thoughts, feeling your emotions. If you’re committed to this process then I can help you move quickly towards a more meaningful and purposeful life.

•Teach you how to practice these skills in everyday life.
• Enable you to fundamentally change your relationship with painful thoughts and feelings so that they have less influence over you.
• Help you clarify what’s truly important and meaningful to you (clarify your values).
• Guide, inspire, and motivate you to set goals and take action that enriches your life.
Discover your passion, purpose and dreams.

Identify your core values

Set goals aligned with these values, taking one step at a time.

Take committed action towards a more fulfilling life.

This program consists of 7 x 1 hour skype sessions. These can be weekly or fortnightly one-on-one.

email annie@magpiecoaching.com.au to arrange your initial free 15mins discovery call.